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The Pool Store sells only the very best in products for our customers. We carry multiple brands from the middle price range and up.  We are happy to meet with you and determine what best suits your needs. Call us or stop in today!


Pool maintenance products selected by The Pool Store

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Pool pump no mor problems yellow treat


The Poolman in a Bottle

Dosage Rate: 5 oz. per 10,000 gallons (Maintenance)

Available Sizes: 32 oz. "Squirt Top" Bottle and 1 gallon jug


No Mor Problems is our flagship product because it does just about everything. Its patented formula converts all types of algae in every pool by accelerating chlorine's ability to oxidize algae - preventing it from ever growing. This takes enormous work load off the sanitizer and filtration system, allowing you to reduce chlorine consumption and even reduce your filtration time by as much as 50%. It also breaks up chloramines, eliminating to need to ever shock again. It's also non-toxic and biodegradable, making it safe for swimmers, pets, and the environment. Best of all, it's easy to use, just squirt some in every time you add chlorine and get back to enjoying your pool.


The Expert at Killing Yellow Algae

Dosage Rate: 5 oz. per 10,000 gallons

Available Sizes: 32 oz. bag, 2 lb. bottle and 35 lb. pail


Yellow Treat has a long history of killing yellow algae. Yellow Treat was the first product in the marketplace to utilize sodium bromide and is still a mainstay for pool service techs from CA to FL. Its formula is so powerful that just a 2 lb bottle can treat up to 65,000 gallons. For over 40 years, Yellow Treat has been the most trusted algae solution on the market. It is truly the expert when it comes to killing yellow algae.



fan blade acoustic compressor evaporator fin heat exchanger


Profiled Fan Blade

Ensures efficient air flow and quiet operation.

Acoustic Compressor Cover

Minimizes sound level.

Industry's Only Ultra Gold Corrosion-Resistant Evapoprator Fin

Provides extreme durability, especially in coastal environments.

Titanium Heat Exchanger

Designed for durability and efficiency to ensure maximum heat transfer and resistance to harsh pool chemicals.


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